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momento di ripristinare la vecchia legge dell’Arechi, se così non fosse allora bisognerebbe incominciare a preoccuparsi veramente, altro che promozione in serie B!!!

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The last match played by Salernitana dates back to December 19 and is not a good memory, it was literally all’Arechi Strapazzata by a lively Sorrento, trimming four goals in Fava and his companions, then the long break and the postponement of last Sunday’s race at Lumezzane have lengthened considerably since the resumption of racing. In this long period only talked about football, even gossip, rumors, concerns, recommendations and free advice pseudo grenade entire entourage, as saying at the bedside of the sick and pundits think they know that only great with their “I had said,” is ending to scuttle the company and team, which is why it is essential to return to play, pending a final clarification from the chief executive of the grenade, which according to well-informed, should take place next week with a press conference for that purpose. At the same time Mr. Breda continues to work on the new form, but especially difficult to prepare the race next Sunday all’Arechi against the Alps, the freshman who is having a terrible season more than satisfactory, with 23 points in the standings and with a good walk away, in fact nine races he has won two, drew four and lost only three, reflecting the compactness of the team game after game experience. The coach of Treviso, also wants to see the functionality in the field or not I think of his new tactic, it seems increasingly willing to propose a novel 3 4 3, at least not on paper leaves little doubt as to the insiders and fans, too if a priori judgments in football issue is likely to run into big errors of assessment. Therefore there is great expectation for this new course, but mainly to see if the pink available to enable this new tactical Breda, because in the general assessment is also to be the option of so-called senators, given that it is very difficult their transfer, in this case were in pink or out? A training course with these elements, beyond all the considerations made on their behalf, has a value that would be very different if there were, in short Breda players should know what to count, of course all in the shortest time possible, as next Sunday already asks this question. In this regard, it expects to know the trio of defenders who will face the team of Mr. Sebastiani, since Balestri, Murolo Legitimate and are disqualified, and Accursi Peccarisi not in perfect physical condition, while the two newcomers and the young Jefferson D’Alterio undoubtedly will have difficulties bonding and the environment. What matters, however, is to center a victory that is missing for a long, long time, namely from November 7, 2010, when he passed for Salernitana Verona 2 to 1, and it is high, then the time to restore the old law of ‘ Arechi, if not then you should really start to worry about, other than promotion in B!!!

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